Advantageous Features Of Regency Fans

When it comes to home accents, Regency fans are a well-recognized and beloved brand. Their timeless design and color selection, as well as design options, make Regency ceiling fans a must-have for the homeowner. Depending on your design tastes, you can have plain lines and colors or go more detailed.

Regency fans for sale come with intricately etched and designed blades to add character to the overall display. You’ll enjoy the selection available once you start your shopping experience with this brand.

Brief Company Background

The deep distribution and vendor relationships that Tacony Corporation has give it a marketable advantage. This is the parent company to the Regency fans brand. Since 1946, the Tacony company has been selling lifestyle products and has established a strong presence in the market. The company prides itself in its custom-matching process with color selection in lights, fan blades, and housing finishes for a seamless interior decorating experience.

Types And Designs Available

There are numerous types of Regency fans available for different applications. Below are some of the high-level categories as a starting point for your educational benefit. Keep in mind within each category you have multiple sets of fan options. The Regency ceiling fans parts and prices vary widely based on your custom design and model specifications.

  • High Performance

These are designed to move some serious volume of air. You will appreciate the circulation delivered by 60″ blades in the Regency fans high performance category. They possess the largest motors of all the Regency ceiling fans.

  • Energy Star Compliant

Looking for 14-20% increased airflow efficiency? That’s what government-backed Energy Star compliance delivers you with Regency fans. You get the same high quality fan, quiet running, and stunning design all at a lower power consumption level.

  • Outdoor Fans

If you’re going to decorate your patio area then you’ll want to look for Regency fans for sale in a wet or damp category. These outdoor ceiling fans can sustain the elements and feature special blades made to move air even in damp conditions.

  • Industrial

These fans are not safe for household use. You will find these in factories or warehouses, even supermarkets, for air circulation. The blades are metal and these motors rotate faster than any household fan.

Features And Specifications

  • Fan Speed – Your fans will typically come with multiple fan speed settings from Low to High. There are some models with varying speeds in between the lowest and highest.
  • Airflow – Measured in CFM, many models are rated in the range of 2043 to 6117 in terms of airflow.

  • Wattage – You will find a range of power consumption from 10-78 Watts on most Regency fans meant for household use.
  • Remote Controls – A wonderful luxury is the remote control transmitters included with some models. Change your fan setting while you’re in an adjacent room or on the couch.
  • Ceiling Height – For industrial fans you’ll want ceiling clearances anywhere from 20-40ft due to the power, rotating speed, and metal blades commonly found on these fan types.

These are just the basic features; some models have specific features that are unique depending on their intended usage.